2400 Bushwood Drive, Elgin Illinois 60124
(The Grove at the NW Corner of 1-90 & Randall Road)




Tuesday-Thursday 9am to 8pm

Friday 9am to 7pm

Saturday 9am to 4 pm




Please know that cancellation of appointments should be done over the phone or online with 24 hours notice. We understand that emergencies come up and we do ask to be notified as soon as possible when appointment obligations cannot be fulfilled.If an appointment is missed without notification, the first time, we will allow booking another appointment. If an appointment is missed without notification a second time, we will not allow any future appointments to be scheduled until the missed appointment has been paid in full.Please understand that the reason for this policy is to protect our employees from having blocks of time scheduled out that will not be fulfilled with services, to protect Elle Salon from loss of revenues especially in busy times, and also to allow time in our schedules for others who are trying to make appointments. We simply cannot commit to scheduling appointments for those who may not show. If a customer is unable or unwilling to pay for the missed appointment but would still like to receive services at Elle, it would be allowed on a “walk-in” basis only and we would happily offer services if and when available.


Elle Salon does not donate money, services, or goods, to private parties. If you are looking for donations of any sort, please mail or drop off as much information as possible and with at least a few weeks of notice. We do like to give back to our customers and local organizations, but we also have a limited budget set aside and simply cannot participate with every request.


Education is so important to us and it is crucial in order to stay current and competitive in the beauty and fashion industry. We are always looking for people to offer their time for a discounted services in order to help us learn and grow. We may need practice models for any kind of services including hair cuts, hair color, makeup, and virtually any other services we offer.

If you are interested in becoming a practice model, please call us so that we may put you on a call list. Let us know what types of services you may be interested in receiving. If you are willing to be a hair model, let us know what length and color you have currently and also what length and color you are willing to become. We allow each individual to be a model twice per year. All services are taught by and under the guidance of either Janelle, the owner, or an educator for whichever department the services being learned are in.

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